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Virtual Assistant india Hire at low cost

A Virtual Assistant is that fundamental factor of your office employees that you just cannot do without. Exclusive Staff works as Professional Staff, Assistants, Information Access Employees, Web Design and Marketing, as-well-as, is engaged in multi- tasking actions. An online assistant can work on frequent or part-time base with regards to needing the consumer. A VA normally conveys generally via e-mail and frequent e-mail, online talk system like skype, gtalk and even by fax and phone. These days selecting a Exclusive Associate has become every body cup of tea as it has become easy and you can get a virtual assistant cheaply. It’s just like purchasing a software that does everything for you all you need to do is immediate him through e-mails. It has become a pattern and it is no longer for affluent any frequent generating person can seek the services of a virtual assistant.

  • Internet Research
  • Website design and page layout
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Promotion website
  • Collecting contact information
  • collecting articles
  • any other specific information gathering exercise
  • Product research, Manufacturer research etc
  • Market Research
  • Basic Bookkeeping / Accounting / QuickBooks
  • Posting on internet based forums, Craigslist, etc
  • Setting up Auto responders
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Word Document preparation
  • Returning emails
  • Managing Calendar, Booking travel
  • Any data entry work,
  • Input leads or data into your CRM etc
  • General Admin tasks / Personal Tasks
  • And any more admin type tasks you need help with

SEO expert india Hire at cost-effective price

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Negative ON-Page SEO Factors

Negative  ON-Page SEO Factors 

1)  Text presented in graphics form only No ACTUAL body text on the page :–: Text represented graphically is invisible to search engines.
2)  Affiliate site? :–:     The Florida update went after affiliates with a vengeance – flower and travel affiliates were hit hard – cookie-cutter sites with massive inter-linking, but little unique content. Subsequent updates have also targeted affiliates.
3)  Over optimization penalty (OOP)  :–: Penalty for over-compliance with well-established, accepted web optimization practices. Too high keyword repetition (keyword stuffing) may get you the OOP. Overuse of H1 tags has been mentioned. Meta-tag stuffing.
4)  Link to a bad neighborhood  :–: Don’t link to link farms, FFAs (Free For All’s) Also, don’t forget to check the Google status of EVERYONE you link to periodically. A site may go “bad”, and you can end up being penalized, even though you did nothing. For instance, some failed real estate sites have been switched to p0rn by unscrupulous webmasters, for the traffic. This is not good for you, if you are linking to the originally legitimate URL.
5)  Redirect thru refresh metatags  :–: Don’t immediately send your visitor to another page other than the one he/ she clicked on, using meta refresh.
6)  Poison words :–: The word “Links” in a title tag has been suggested to be a bad idea. Here is my list of Poison Words for Adsense. This penalty has been loosened – many of these words now appear in normal context, with no problems.
7)  Excessive cross-linking :–: “This does not apply to a small number of sites” .. (this author guesses the number 10, JAWG) “hosted on a local server”. . Matt Cutts July 2006
8) Vile language – ethnic slur :–: Including the George Carlin 7 bad words you can’t say on TV, plus the 150 or so that followed. Don’t shoot yourself right straight in the foot. Also, avoid combinations of normal words, which when used together, become something else entirely – such as the word juice, and the word l0ve. See why I wrote that zero? I don’t even want to get a proximity penalty, either. Paranoia, or caution? You decide. I always want to try to put my “best foot forward”.
9)  Stealing images/ text blocks from another domain :–: Copyright violation – Google responds strongly if you are reported. ref egol File Google DMCA
10) Keyword dilution :–: Targeting too many unrelated keywords on a page, which would detract from theming, and reduce the importance of your REALLY important keywords.
11) Keyword stuffing threshold :–: In body, meta tags, alt text, etc. = demotion
12) Page edit – can reduce consistency :–: Google is now switching between a “newer” cache, and several “older” caches, frequently drawing from BOTH at the same time.
13) Frequency of Content Change :–: Google patent – Too frequent = bad
14) Freshness of Anchor Text :–: Google patent – Too frequent = bad
15)  Dynamic Pages :–: Problematic – know pitfalls – shorten URLs, reduce variables (“. . no more than 2 or 3”, M.Cutts July 2006), lose the session IDs
16) Excessive Javascript :–: Don’t use for redirects, or hiding links
17) Flash page – NOT :–: Most (all-?) SE spiders can’t read Flash content Provide an HTML alternative, or experience lower SERP positioning.
18) Use of Frames :–: Spidering Problems with Frames – STILL
19) Robot exclusion “no index” tag :–: Intentional self-exclusion
20) Single pixel links :–: A red flag – one reason only – a sneaky link.
21) Invisible text :–:     OK – No penalty – Google advises against this. (The text is the same color as the background, and hence cannot be seen by the viewer, but can be visible to the search engine spiders.) I believe Google does penalize for hidden text, since it is an attempt to manipulate rank. Although they don’t catch everyone.
22) Gateway, doorway page :–: penalty – Google advises against this. Google used to reward these pages.
23) Duplicate content (YOUR’S) :–: OK – No penalty – Google advises against this. Google picks one (usually the oldest), and shoves it to the top, and pushes the second choice down. This has been a big issue with stolen content – the thief usurps your former position with YOUR OWN content.
24) HTML code violations :–: Doesn’t matter – Google advises against this. Unless of course, the page is totally FUBAR. Simple HTML verification is NOT required (but advised, since it could contribute to your page quality factor – PQF).
25) Phrase-based ranking, filters, penalties :–: Feb. 2007 – Google patent granted. Do not use phrases that have been associated and correlated with known spamming techniques, or you will be penalized. What phrases? Ahh, you tell me.
26) Poor spelling and grammar :–: Pages that are higher quality and more reputable (i.e. higher PageRank) tend to use better spelling and grammar. Demotion for bad spelling is highly logical.

Positive On-Page Factor

:–: KEYWORDS :–:
1)Keyword in URL:–Always Take Care Your Keyword Should Be In URL(Unique Resource Locator)
2)Keyword in Domain name:—Same as in page-name-with-hyphens
(B) :–: Keywords – Header :–:
1)Keyword in Title tag:–Your Keyword Always In Title tag- close to beginning,Don’t Use special characters, 10 – 60 Title tag characters.
2)Keyword in Description meta tag :–Show theme- use Less then200 character,Google no longer “relies” upon this tag, but will often use it.
3)Keyword in Keyword metatag:–Shows theme – use less than 10 words.Each And Every word in this tag MUST appear somewhere in the body text.If not, it can be penalized for irrelevance.Don’t Use single word should appear more than twice.If not, Google considered it may be spam. Google purportedly no longer uses this tag,but others do.

(C) :–: Keywords – Body :–:
1)Keyword density in body text:- You shoud Maintain 5-20%-(all keywords/ total words)Some report topic sensitivity -Please take Care of the keyword spamming threshold % varies with the topic
2)Individual keyword density:– You shoud 1 – 6% – (each keyword/ total words)
(D) :–: Keyword in H1, H2 and H3:–Use Hx font style tags appropriately :–:
1)Keyword font size:–“You can use Strong also is treated the same as bold and italic is treated the same as emphasis”By The Matt Cutts July 2006
2)Keyword proximity (for 2+ keywords):–Directly adjacent is best.
3)Keyword phrase order:– Does word order in the page match word order in the query? Try to anticipate query, and match word order.
4)Keyword prominence (how early in page/tag):– keyword prominence means the location of your keyword on the webpage,Can be important at top of page, in bold, in large font.

(E) :–: Keywords – Other :–:
1)Keyword in alt text:– You Should describe graphic – Don’t fill with spam, Was part of Google Florida OOP – tripped a threshold – may still be in effect to some degree as a red flag,when summed with all other on-page optimization – (TPOS)-total page optimization score.
2)Keyword in links to site pages (anchor text):–Links out anchor text use keyword?
1)To internal pages- keywords?:–Link should contain keywords.The filename “linked to” should contain the keywords. Use hyphenated filenames, but not long ones – two or three hyphens only.
2)All Internal links valid?:–Validate all links to all pages on site.
3)Efficient – tree-like structure:–TRY two clicks to any page – no page deeper than 4 clicks .
4)Intra-site linking:– Appropriate links between lower-level pages.

1) To external pages- keywords? :–Google patent – Link only to good sites.Do not link to link farms.CAREFUL – Links can and do go bad, resulting in site demotion. Unfortunately, You must devote the time necessary to police your outgoing links – they are your responsibility.
2) Outgoing link Anchor Text:–Google patent – Should be on topic, descriptive
3) Link stability over time :–Google patent – Avoid “Link Churn”
4) All External links valid?:–Validate all links periodically.
5) Less than 100 links out total:–Google says limit to 100, but readily accepts 2-3 times that number. ref 2k
6) Linking to Authority:-Some say this gives a boost -Others say that is absurd. However, it certainly is the
opposite of linking to trash, which WILL hurt you.

(H)  :–: OTHER ON-Page Factors :–:
1) Domain Name ExtensionTop Level Domain – TLD :–:
.com sites excel in encompassing all the spam/ crud
.org sites seem to be given a high status
.gov sites seem to be the highest sites seem to be given a high status
2) File Size :–: Always Try to not exceed 100K page size
(however, some subject matter, such as this page, requires larger file sizes).
Smaller files are preferred <40K (lots of them).
3) Hyphens in URL :–: One or two= Preferred method for indicating a space, where there can be no actual
space One or two= excellent for separating keywords Four or more= BAD, starts to look spammy
Ten = Spammer for sure, demotion probable?
4) Freshness of Pages :–:Google patent – Changes over time Newer the better – if news, retail or auction!
Google likes fresh pages.
5) Freshness – Amount of Content Change :–: New pages – Ratio of old pages to new pages.
6) Freshness of Links :–: Google patent – May be good or bad Excellent for high-trust sites
May not be so good for newer, low-trust sites.
7) Frequency of Updates :–: Frequent updates = frequent spidering = newer cache
8) Page Theming :–: Page exhibit theme? General consistency?
9) Keyword stemming:–: Stem, stems, stemmed, stemmer,stemming, stemmist, stemification.
10) Applied Semantics:–: Synonyms, CIRCA white paper.
11) LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) :–: Latent Semantic Indexing – Speculation, no proof.
12) URL length :–: Keep it minimized – use somewhat less than the 2,000 characters allowed by
IE – less than 100 is good, less is even better.

(I) :–: OTHER ON-SITE Factors :–:
1) Site Size – Google likes big sites :–:Larger sites are presumed to be better funded, better organized, better constructed,and therefore better sites. Google likes LARGE sites, for various reasons, not all positive.
This has resulted in the advent of machine-generated 10,000-page spam sites – size for the sake of size.
2) Site Age :–: Google patent – Old is best. Old is Golden.
3) Age of page vs. age of site :–: Age of page vs. age of other pages on site Newer pages on an older site will get faster recognition.
Note :–(1)–: Hi Friend If You Have Any Query Regarding (ON-page And OFF-Page) You Send Me your Query By through Comment.
Note :–(2)–: For ALL the POSITIVE On-Page factors listed above,And My Next Article Comming Soon Regarding Negative ON-Page SEO.